AGATE - Management Support Services

Agate Management Support Services provides solutions to both Business Owners and Executives.

If you are an international investor seeking opportunities, then Agate is a gate to Turkey.

If you are a local business person, then Agate is a gate between your ideas or needs and their actualization and solution.       


Just give us a call when you are in search of :

Sounding  Board

Services Support to Start Up

to challenge your ideas thoughts both on current status and next level planning 

both managerial or operational to keep you focused on what you prefer and outsource all others a total business or a business unit in your company on any level


If you have none of the reasons above give us a call again for networking purposes only.

We always have time for a friendly perfect coffee to build a gate between our minds.                                                                       



Murat F. SAYAR is a half blood retail half blood direct sales executive with around 25 years experience in petroleum, food, beverages, cosmetics, home appliances, telecom categories also commodity and upper mass segments in both local and multinational companies of various scales from few hundred million to few billion USD. A startup lover and builder. You may find a detailed background on linkedin page





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